About Me

My name is Madison Sykes. Originally form Sacramento, California, I currently studying  English and Theatre at Santa Clara University, hoping to one day become a middle school of high school teacher. I hope to one day inspire students to read and write, instilling in them the idea that their voice is unique, valuable, and capable of creating change.

This site is an ePortfolio that I created to showcase the written work I have done in my English 16 class, Introduction to Writing Studies. In this class, we discussed rhetoric, genre, discourse, and discourse communities. As a future educator, of most interest to me, was our study of the writing process, which we often did by using ourselves as test subjects.

Over the course of the academic quarter, I generated five literacy explorations, as well as a cumulative final research project, which all can be found here. Through this content, I learned many things about my own writing processes as well as those of others. The purpose of this site is to share the ideas we generated in class with whomever else may find themselves in a similar conversation, which, thanks to my final project, includes anyone who uses Instagram. So if you are a social media user, this site is for you! Check out the aim of my final project.